How MyHelpster Works

1. Launch

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Request help for your issue within minutes by initiating the countdown and one of our Helpsters gets ready, just tell us what you need your Helpster for – every issue we help with is only £5 no matter how long it takes.

A Helpster could help you with iTunes sync issues, optimizing your Mac performance, or a complicated pivot chart in Excel. We will let you instantly know if we have a Helpster for your problem, task or question. You don’t pay anything in advance, you only pay after the session.

2. Experience




If you have a issues we already have a Helpster for, just lay back and wait for your call. Your Helpster will be with you in less than 30 minutes. Once on the line your Helpster will either try to assist you over the phone or via screen sharing and remote access. This will make it even easier for you to get a solution to your problem.

In case no Helpster can help you, we will call you to tell you that personally.

3. Enjoy




After the session you can relax and enjoy your personal service. We will ask you how happy you were with our Helpster and only if you are satisfied you pay the small one-time price of £5, which gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.