25 Tips To Get More Quality Twitter Followers

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The 25 Tips To Get More Quality Twitter Followers


Before I introduce the best tips to get more Twitter Followers, one thing to keep in mind: The number of Twitter Followers you have does not determine their value. Many Twitter accounts have an impressive number of Followers, but many of these Followers may be fake or not engaging at all. However, it is still understandable that Twitter is fun only if you are tweeting not in the dark but instead to a decent number of people who naturally get your tweets right in their timeline. Hence, it is understandable if initially you want to use some tricks or tools, like Twigrow or #TeamFollowBack. Such tools enable you to quickly get a great number of Followers. But be careful because these are fake accounts and it should be only a short-term solution in order to increase the appeal of your profile.
In the long run, however, you want to engage with your Followers, and you want that people read, favourite, and retweet your posts. Therefore, the question is how you can gain more quality Twitter Followers and hence people who are interested in reading your tweets. This article gives you 25 simple but important tips to get more quality Twitter Followers.


1. Follow back! If an interesting person follows you, start following back. This will increase your chances of keeping and sustaining a large number of Followers. Many people use so-called follow-back tools. They follow you and wait if you follow back. If you don’t, they are quickly gone.

2. Retweet and favourite others. People feel naturally driven to follow a person who compliments their work. Try it—it works and you will have more quality Twitter Followers quickly.

 3. Scrape Twitter accounts of interest. If you find people who have a similar community you want to build, scrape their accounts and tweet to those directly. This can be done with a variety of tools, or you get just a one-time scrape for 2,000 Followers. This is usually enough for the beginning and is a killer way to grow more quality Twitter Followers fast.

4. Use interesting, unique, or trendy #hashtags. This will increase your chances of getting Followers who are not even in your network but are searching Twitter for specific hashtags and for people who use them.

 5. Tweet @people. Twitter is interactive, and you should look out for conversation. Exchange a few tweets with someone you don’t know, and you will see. Chances are that person follows you back.

6. Create Twitter questionnaires and polls right within the Twitter network. For this, you can use pollsnack, for instance. Polls create engaging content and is a great trick to get more quality Twitter Followers.

7.  Create an engaging and informative Twitter banner picture. For your profile picture, do not use logos. Real faces tend to draw more attention and Followers.

 8. Use CAPITAL LETTERS once in a while. They draw attention to your tweets. However, don’t use this trick too much as your tweets will turn out to be hard to read.

9. Participate in certain campaigns on Twitter. This will again increase your own visibility in the network and hence increase the chances to get more quality Twitter Followers.

10. Put your Twitter name in your email signature and maybe even on your business card.

11. Ask questions or ask for help. This is surprisingly very effective in getting more Twitter Followers.

12. Engage and participate in discussions and debates about topics of your interest.

13.  Follow and unfollow. A very effective way to get more Twitter Followers is to follow a lot of people. The ones who do not follow back you can just unfollow again. However, follow only those whom you want to be your audience. Don’t run through Twitter and follow hundreds of people. This will undermine the quality of your Followers, and you also run the risk of a temporary profile block if you suddenly start to unfollow hundreds of people at the same time.

 14. Be fast! Another effective way to get more Twitter Followers is to be fast. It’s a simple fact: the lifetime of one tweet is around 20 minutes. Try to respond, retweet, and favourite as fast as you can.

15. Setup Twitter Widgets! As soon you have around 500 Followers, you should start to use Twitter Widgets. These will help you increase your visibility even more and to leverage your already existing Followership.

16. Focus on topics you are good at, interested in, and well-informed about, and don’t try to tweet different things all the time. Many people follow you because they want to get first hand news or opinions from an expert or a like-minded person. If you are able to establish a reputation for high quality content around one specific topic, you can grow more quality Twitter Followers as you can imagine – its hard but very effective!

17. Niche Topic: This goes hand in hand with the advice above: Try to focus on niche topics.

18. 130-character Tweets! Another good way to get more quality Twitter Followers is to create only 130-character tweets. This enables others who want to retweet you to put your @name in their retweets.

19. Provide additional information. Tweet pictures and interesting additional information to already existing tweets.

20. Use bitly for links you want to tweet! This tool helps you not only shorten a long URL but also analyze which link receives how many clicks and therefore what content your Followers like.

21. Try to leverage trending topics. If there is some news circulating about a topic of interest, try to leverage it by tweeting about it.

22. Use tools like SocialBro to find out at which time of the day your Followers are online and are thus able to read your tweets. This is a very effective way to get more quality Twitter Followers.

23. Tweet a lot. Unless your tweets tend to get spammy and repetitive, you should try to tweet as much as you can—a very simple, very effective but but hard-to-follow fact for any Twitter beginner.

25. Link to your Twitter profile as often as you can. Whether you’re using Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other network where you can create a public profile, you should refer and link to your Twitter account.


To conclude, follow the tricks above, be consistent with your strategy and within a short period of time you will get more quality Twitter Followers. Good Luck!

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Written by Bjoern Wind

Bjoern Wind is Co-founder and CEO of MyHelpster. He has a MSc Management from the Nova Business School and worked three years in the energy industry.

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