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4 tricks to boost your IT Security

Are you in need of boosting your IT security? Well, to get your IT security up and running, whether you are at home or in the office, is essential. We at MyHelpster know that and we have dedicated a large share of our services to this field. However, there are many basic tricks, which can increase your IT security without spending any money or effort. Here are our four tricks to boost your IT Security you should follow, in order to keep yourself secure and private, when working with your Laptop:

Trick 1: store your passwords at a secure place


  1. Don’t write your password down, don’t pin them somewhere and don’t use Apple Keychain. All of those “secret places” are not that secret and secure as you thought. Although it might be convenient, don’t be so foolish to stick a yellow sticky note under your laptop with all the important password. You won’t believe it, but I have already seen it. But even when you are using integrated tools or plugins that save all your passwords. It does not even really matter if you are using something like Apple KeyChain or a browser plugin that stores all your passwords, both system are still valuable to hack attacks.This is particular the case when you are not emptying your browser cache, because then the anyone could just continue in your session and see all your passwords. You don’t believe me? Maybe just search in Spotlight for Apple KeyChain Access and you will be surprised how easily others could get all your details. We can recommend however the latest password storing services. These services store your encrypted passwords in the cloud. Have a look at the LastPass for example, which bring a much higher security and are not are easy hackable.


Trick 2: Don’t use your birthday as a password



  1. The next trick is maybe obvious for some, but unfortunately not for everybody and often hard to remember. But please use strong passwords! No words or terms you could find in a dictionary or Wiki’s, because every robot breaks this within seconds. Instead something remarkable complex with symbols, lower and upper cases, numbers and at least 12 characters. Our advice, use a serial number of a book and add signs and letters. If you make some notes next to it, you could always easily check it if worst comes to worst. In my case, I use the mentioned tool from LastPass.To access LastPass I use the serial number of my watch, which consists of 12 digit combinations, including letters and symbols. I hope this point does not sound contradicting with the first rule, which is by far the most important. However, in times of constant login need, it might be sometimes asked a little bit too much to remember a ten digit secure passwort. My advice, just keep this practice limited and rely mainly on mentioned tools.


Trick 3: Don’t leave your PC in a sleepy mode



  1. Don’t let your PC alone without locking it complety. Did you know that most hackers can break a PC even when it is looked? Since Windows or Mac is already running, it is much easier than to hack a PC when booting. Everyone from the MyHelpster’s team works in a shared office space, with many people (and strangers) wondering in and out. However the number of people who are even leaving their laptop open and unlocked is shocking. Therefore, please at least always close your laptop when leaving your seat. It is actually quite easy if you know the shortcut: [Windows] + [L].You can take it a step further if you even shot down your device. If you have really sensitive data on your PC, we would recommend to encrypt your hard drive. You would need to enter an additional password everytime when you boot your PC, but with this trick nobody has a chance to get your data – okay never say never.


Trick 4: Deactivate your USB slots


  1. Disable your USB slots. It might sound ridiculous to disable your USB slots, as you probably need some slots during the day. But I always deactivate them just to be on the safe side. However, you should be at least aware of the fact, that any USB slot is a major potential threat for your data`s and privacy. Tools like for instance ActiveTrak are easily installed with the help of an unlocked USB slot and people could put viruses and malware in your device by just putting in a flash stick.This and many similar tools can secretly monitor and track your activities on your laptop 24/7 without you ever recognizing it. The fact, that such tools are available to anyone and that you don’t have to be a geek to use them is scary. Even worse, the tool is free to use in a limited version. Actually, the software is so simple to use that even your your jealous girlfriend or wife could configure it on her own. Hence, a trick against this is to disable your USB slot. If you need any help with that, just request one of our Helpsters.



Bottom line; all four tricks are not rocket signs, however their impact for your security can be massive. Therefore, rethink and apply. Moreover, if you are concerned about your privacy on the web, feel free to check out our Helpster privacy and security Helpsters, like for instance setup help for your VPN connection or setup help for your Tor Network. Just some examples our experts are happy to help and to advice you on.

For safe search it is significant to have safe search engine. Surf anonymously on the internet and get secure wireless network, and if you are also a parent take parental control over your kids’ gadgets.



Written by Susanne Webster