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You want to start your own Facebook page, or maybe you already have but you are still struggling to get more Facebook likes? We can help you out with that. Just follow these tips, which are based on my personal experiences with my cooking page on Facebook and on my friends’ experiences. All these tips have been learned over time. Hopefully they save you some time in building your page.

Tip #1 Be patient!

If you are making a Facebook page on your own, patience is the key. Even if it seems that Facebook likes on your page are stagnating, don’t give up on keeping it ‘alive’. You do not get 1000 likes overnight, and it takes some time to build your Facebook audience.

Tip #2 Fill out your page!

If you have started a Facebook page, the first thing to do is to fill it out. Don’t start with an empty page (one without a profile picture or page details, for instance) since people tend to avoid liking that kind of page. Again, patience is the key. Take some time to arrange your page, post some statuses and photos, and then invite your friends to like them.

Tip #3 Make sure people know it is your page!

With the tons of notifications people get every day, very few people will see a notification from you, so only your friends whom you’ve informed will like your page. Share your page and ask your friends to share it too with their friends. They can post something like this:

How to get more Facebook likes for beginners

Tip #4 Stay active!

This one can be the toughest challenge. It can be very discouraging that you have gathered very few likes over the weeks although you keep posting almost every day. But the key is to keep posting!
If you don’t feel inspired to post something every day, you can share useful tips, articles, tutorials, and videos you find on the Internet.

Tip #5 Quality over quantity!

Although others would say ‘more is better’, it is not always the case with Facebook pages. The quality of your posts is one of the most important things. People will maybe like your page, but if you keep adding posts that are unrelated to your page or if you publish a lot of posts every day, they will get lost in a sea of posts.

Also, you should always make a plan: don’t publish major posts every day and then stay inactive for two weeks. Plan carefully, stay in touch with your Facebook audience, and make sure to get their feedback.


Tip #6 Connect your social networking profiles through your Facebook page!

In order to get more Facebook likes, you should connect audiences from different social networking sites and cross-promote your page.

This will get you more likes, connect you to new people, and get you inspired on ways to promote your page and product.

Make sure that your Facebook page contains all the links to your other websites (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, etc.).


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How you can get more facebook likes on your page

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How to get more facevbook likes for beginners

Tip #7 Ask other pages (similar to yours) to share your page

I have learned this one very recently. You should send a polite message to Facebook pages you want to be promoted on, and in return, you can offer to promote their pages (this is not necessary, but it would be nice).
This is a great way of expanding to new audiences and to get more Facebook likes. Most importantly, it is free. The only catch is that it takes time to find similar pages and get their responses. Also, you should be aware that a Facebook page with 5,000 or more followers will probably ignore you if your page has fewer than 100 likes. You should wait until you build a stronger audience, or aim less popular pages in the meantime.