How the Accelerator Academy helped us to pivot!

MyHelpster pivoted and has high ambitions. Building the Amazon for online services.

Pivoting is one of these foreign words from the startup community that most people do not really get – like MVP or lean startup. “‘Pivoting’ Pays Off for Tech Entrepreneurs” titled the Wall Street Journal last year and Forbes lists the “14 Famous Business Pivots”, but what does the term actually mean?


To describe what pivoting means we can actually look at our own startup, MyHelpster. While participating in the Accelerator Academy we have conducted several changes over the last 12 weeks, which is an ideal example of pivoting.


When we came to London 12 weeks ago, we had a working website and service where people could get quick help for Microsoft Office. Within a few days, we had more than 60 customers, along with positive customer feedback.

So, why did we change everything? Why are we soft launching our new website and service?


After the first few sessions in the Accelerator Academy and the meetings with our mentor we realized that we were still too unclear about our target group and the strategy to reach them. Additionally, we found it difficult to bundle our service with partnerships and other businesses because our pay-what-you-want approach was, to be honest, quite risky for partners. Moreover, the marketing message “do you have a problem in Microsoft Office – call us” only allowed us to approach people who were already facing a problem.


The workshops, seminars and meetings in the accelerator programme kept us thinking and we made some big decisions:


What we are actually doing is helping people with ‘stupid’ problems, tasks and issues


Instead of focusing on a single software, we should focus on particular problems, which can range from ‘I need a pivot chart in Excel’, ‘I need a new business card design’ to ‘I would like to get all my data on my new laptop’.


Working from home again?

So, what did we actually change?


Our new website gives you the opportunity to get instant help with your problem. Requesting help is simple: two clicks and in less than 30 minutes a Helpster will call you back and help you with whatever you want to get done.

While you wait, you can select the Helpster who can help you best with your problem. Each Helpster offers a precise service, making sure that you get help that’s relevant to your problem, whether that’s changing the printing format from A4 to A5, syncing your smartphone and laptop or working on a simple spreadsheet.


Or you can check our website to explore the services our Helpsters can deliver. Services such as: setting up your device to explore the dark web, protecting your privacy on Facebook or getting a Guy Kawasaki Mac Design are always available for your convenience.


With that change of direction we are now offering ‘services as a product’ delivered through friendly experts. Unlike most marketplaces where people are currently looking for online services, are our services trustworthy and instant. No negotiating, comparison of prices and qualities and always the assurance that our Helpster will deliver what you ordered. This is unique on the market and with that approach we are now continuing our exciting journey.


We are still making baby steps, and our portfolio is slim. However, you have to start somewhere and the process is an entertaining but effective learning experience. Additionally, we ask all of you today to help us and to build our portfolio of Helpsters.

It will only take 60 secs – just tell us what tasks, problems and issues you would like to delegate to a Helpster.

Be creative and just submit your idea (click here)


As a thank you we will not only deliver the first Helpster for free.


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Written by Susanne Webster