Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy | 10 Powerful Tricks

several tricks and tools are availabel to analyse a competitors marketing strategy. learn them all and get a marketing professional

The Internet offers several ways to analyse a competitors marketing strategies. What is your competition doing? What works, and what doesn’t? Smart companies study the means of communication of their competitors and draw several conclusions from that. The Internet offers several free tools to do this. This article introduces 10 ways to analyse a competitors marketing strategy.


The 10 Tricks To Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy


1. Evaluate The Link And Click Statistics Of Your Competitors – 10 Tricks To Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy

If you look at Twitter, you can see these links everywhere—short links, like and These links shorten long URLs to make them suitable for signing limited Twitter posts. Moreover, they help in evaluating the success of individual posts in terms of click rate. However, what many people don’t know is that those click rates are visible not only to the one who posts them but also to everyone else.

To do this, you simply copy your competitor’s link and paste it in your browser with an additional + at the end. If you click Enter, you will be directly forwarded to the actual link statistics of your competitor. The statistics reveal how many times the link was clicked on Twitter as well as how many people shared or liked the link on Facebook.

If you have your competitors’ link statistics, you are able to evaluate several questions, like, which topics are interesting to your competitors’ audience? How successful are your competitors’ Facebook and Twitter channels in terms of customer engagement? Are links to their own or third-party websites more attractive?

bitly. Analyse a competitors marketing strategy


2. Analyse Social Reach Within Google+ Network – 10 Tricks To Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy

One of the top-notch tools everyone should definitely use is Google+ Ripples. With the help of Ripples, you can analyse who has shared your link within the Google+ network. The tool gives you a very clear outlook on the reach of links and the number of shares within the Google+ network. It also helps to understand who the influencers are in your network. In order to use Google+ Ripples, simply type the following in your browser: +[URL you want to analyse]. After the equal sign, you just put the URL you want to analyse, and that’s it. One small disadvantage is that you are able to analyse only the sharing of links within public profiles. People who set their profile on private will not be shown.

 Analyse a competitors marketing strategy


3. Scrape Your Competitors’ Twitter Accounts – 10 Tricks To Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy

A rarely used but very effective method is to scrape your competitors’ Twitter accounts. With the help of a tool or some small hacker tricks, you are able to mine all the Twitter followers of your competition, including all the published profile data—for instance, detailed profile descriptions. Such data come in an easily analysable spreadsheet form, which enables you to search information, like the profile descriptions of your competitors’ followers. This again helps you draw information, like job, industry focus, etc. Moreover, such data help you start targeted Twitter campaigns by creating a range of different tweets and sending those directly to your competitor’s follower inbox. There are several tools available for scraping Twitter followers. However, those can be quite costly. An alternative is to request a Helpster for this. MyHelpster has created a specific service for just this purpose. An expert explains to you in a few easy steps how to scrape followers yourself. It is a one-time investment of 20£, definitely worth it if you want to analyse the demographics of your competitors’ followers and create targeted campaigns for those. You can find more information here.


4. Get An Easy And Good Overview Of Your Competitors’ Twitter Followers – 10 Tricks To Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy

A commonly used and very handy tool is SocialBro. SocialBro enables you to analyse your Twitter followers and your competitors’. The tool answers questions like; who are the most influential followers? Who are following, and who are not following back? At which time of the day are followers online? Who has recently unfollowed?

These and many more questions can be analysed. The tool is free, visually very clear, easy to understand and therefore a must have if you want to analyse a competitors marketing strategy.


 5. Analyse Affiliate Marketing Partners – 10 Tricks To Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy

Affiliate marketing is for many companies a key area of marketing. Just a brief explanation: Affiliate marketing is if a website advertises the products of another company. Affiliate programs are usually managed through specific partnership networks. However, with the help of tools such as aFFiLORAMA, you can easily analyse your competitors’ affiliate networks. This can also help you understand which products your competitors promote more aggressively than others. Furthermore, it can help you think about approaching those companies yourself or give you a hint about who your competitors are not partnering with and thus give you a reasonable argument to approach website owners who are not part of the network.


6. Analyse Your Competitors’ LinkedIn – 10 Tricks To Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy

Just analyse the contacts of your competitors’ key people—for instance, the contacts of the company’s director. This gives you a hint about important people, like journalists, and perhaps opens doors for you to start approaching them yourself.


7. Evaluate Meta-Keywords – 10 Tricks To Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy

Well known to any SEO professional are meta-keywords. Meta-keywords are the words used in the short introductory description shown in Google searches. Even though meta-description has lost its relevance as Google has limited the use of keywords to one focus keyword, it still gives you a hint about the relevant SEO keywords your competitors use to shape their SEO and, potentially, their AdWords scores. Therefore, it is definitely worthwhile to search for those short descriptions on Google.

Google Analytics_Analyse competitors marketing strategy


8. Analyse and Potentially Steal Your Competitors’ Backlinks – 10 Tricks To Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy

Link building is a must for any SEO professional. However, since Google’s Webmaster update, a range of links is no longer valuable, and the number of valuable links has dramatically decreased. Therefore, the question arises, Where can we take valuable backlinks from?

SEO professionals have already been using the technique for a long time. However, in the marketing department of many companies, the technique of analysing and potentially stealing competitors’ backlinks is still not very common. However, with tools like Backlinkwatch, it is possible to analyse your competitors’ backlinks with just one click. Just paste your competitors’ URL in the search window of such tools, and you will find out exactly where your competitors’ backlinks come from. This enables you, for instance, to approach bloggers who might be interested in the topics of your industry and to benchmark yourself.

For some more details on how to analyse a competitors marketing strategy in terms of backlinks, feel free to watch this YouTube video about backlink building.

backlingwatch - Analyse a competitors marketing strategy


9. Spy On Facebook Fan Growth And Efficiency – 10 Tricks To Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy

There is a range of available tools, which enable you to measure and analyse your competitors’ Facebook presence. With tools such as socialbakers or SimplyMeasured you can analyse several useful data, such as fan engagement, fan growth, and specific influencers. Even though the tools are not free, they all offer a free-trial version, which is usually enough to get an overview and to with draw enough data for the next month.


10. Snoop Around Google AdWords – 10 Tricks To Analyse A Competitors Marketing Strategy

Another important area to analyse a competitors marketing strategy is Google AdWords. With tools such as KISSmetrics, you can analyse which keywords your competitors are using when doing AdWords campaigns. The tool not only analyses your competitors’ data but also gives you insights and ideas for your own keyword campaign. The tool is quite costly and worth it only if you plan extensive AdWords activities. However, if this is anyways an important element of your online campaign, you can leverage the benefits of the tool to analyse your competitors as well.


To conclude, the article has covered 10 tricks to analyse a competitors marketing strategy. Look at, which area of marketing you consider as important and analyse what your competition is already doing before spending scarce resources on things which others might have already tried.

Look for more useful articles like the one about analysis of Facebook page. Ask for help if you want to analyse Pinterest followers or get your Marketing content plan. The web is full of opportunities. By the way, we have a giveaway, get your free Twitter report here or learn how to optimize your Facebook page.

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Written by Bjoern Wind

Bjoern Wind is Co-founder and CEO of MyHelpster. He has a MSc Management from the Nova Business School and worked three years in the energy industry.

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