The Top Three Safe Search Engines, Which Value Your Privacy

A safe search engine protects your data and allows you to surf fairly anonymously in the Internet. It usually does not use any cookies and hence your profile data’s  or any other form of web protocol are not being saved.

The team of MyHelpster has researched several search engines, claiming to be safe, without compromising search results too much. We listed our top four safe search engines:



MetaGer is a search engine and in Germany by far the most popular safe search engine. All servers are stationed in Germany, a plus considering that the German legislation tends to respect privacy rights better than many other European countries. In context of your search entries MetaGer does not safe your IP-address nor does it safe Cookies. Your search behavior is also protected through a multiple encrypted Internet connection.
However the clarity of the search engine is limited, and the listed search results lack far behind anything one is used from Google.



Ixquick is a Dutch based company. It commits also to the protection of the privacy of his users. Ixquick uses similar safety features as MetaGer.
However their search results lacked in our test far behind MetaGer. Only if the user is willing to do some personal settings, the search results become better. However in this case a Java Script has to be applied, which means Cookies use is enabled again. However in terms of user friendliness the search engine is very good and reminds one on Google.



Yacy is developed on the basis of a community project, which started in 2005. The search engine belongs also to one of the most famous safe search engines. The search engine follows a slightly different approach to the two previous ones. The magic lays in Yacy’s peer-to-peer principle, which does not require any stationary and centralized servers. This fact accompanies YaCy’s biggest dis- and advantage at ones. The simple advantage is, you can surf even more private with basically no hack being possible. The disadvantage with this is the user-friendliness. YaCy requires an installation, which in some cases can be a little bit tricky. However, for people who do not want to risk anything YaCy is a great choice.


Tor Browser

The Tor browser is also the result of a voluntary hackers project. Tor is not just a search engine, but even a whole browser, which hinders others to track you and to protect your privacy. Tor browser enables users not only to hide their search behavior, but their whole Internet activities. The idea lays again in multiencrypted connections, which are sent through a virtual circuit. This makes it basically impossible to track your Internet activities. Tor browser requires an easy installation, however its use should be done thoroughly as it accompanies also some risks and tricks to use it properly. For such you can also try to check out our Helpster specifically designed for people who want or are interested to use Tor.


To conclude, the Internet offers a variety of available tools to protect your privacy online. Most of them result from voluntary projects and there is basically no risk that such services would turn commercial one day and collect your private data. However one should know, that no matter what tools are being used, there are always mistakes you can do, which eventually uncover your privacy. For example, even though you might be using Tor, if you log yourself into Facebook, your privacy is gone and people can file and track you again.

“You did the first step for more privacy”

But, bottom line is, if you have read this article you have already done the first important step to protect yourself, as you obviously care and inform yourself about this issue. Something sadly not enough people reflect these days. If you want to find out more about how to protect your privacy or if you might want some professional help and personal advice, check out MyHelpster’s “privacy and security Helpsters”.

Safety is the most important thing in web surfing. Whether it comes to transfering to another Hosting provider or online anonymity, it is significant that you secure yourself. Especially when it comes to Facebook.


Written by Bjoern Wind

Bjoern Wind is Co-founder and CEO of MyHelpster. He has a MSc Management from the Nova Business School and worked three years in the energy industry.