How to build backlinks for startups

How to build backlinks for Startups

How to build backlinks for startups


Do you want to know how to build backlinks for your startup or website? Backlink building is an important activity for tech startup because it will increase in the long run your traffic and page authority.


In general it is also good if you start building your website right from the beginning because you can create bigger effects in the mid- and long-term future if you start early.

Let’s say you are still in an incubator programme or still pre-seed investment, but you dedicate a few hours every week to build relevant backlinks on blogs, forums and social media – websites where your customers and users are active. This will not only bring traffic to your site, it will also increase the page authority for your domain.


Let’s say you are a startup in the travel industry and you start approaching travel blogs right from the moment you have your domain registered and a small landing page installed. You will be surprised how many people are willing to maybe write about you a small post and link back to your page. This will help you a lot when you are further down the line. Suppose you raise some investment after 6 or 9 months and you can afford more blogging and Google Adwords. Google and other search engines will register these warm up activities and take you for a more serious player in topics about travel or vacations.


But how can I build quick backlinks for my Startup?


Well, I already searched for this questions also a couple of times. There is properly not a finale answer to this question and I don’t want to claim that my tip is the only one that works. But watch our short video to find out how we generate backlinks on social media!




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But young startups also always need useful tools to boost productivity, starting from a video making to analytics tools. But the most useful things they can get are tips. Start from these ones and then navigate through other articles.




Written by Susanne Webster