Earn Money with Blogging at MyHelpster

Earn Money as blogger with Myhelpster

Are you interested in making money as a writer or author with MyHelpster? MyHelpster is currently inviting up to 500 journalists, writers, bloggers and authors to create content and to get paid. Additionally, you can boost your profile on social media, as we tweet about the post and share it with our UK community. Moreover, we allow you to link back in your profile to your website. So it is a great way for small websites and up-and-coming websites to get a better website present.


But how can you earn money with MyHelpster?


It is simple. Create a blog post that fulfills the following criterias:

  1. Write about a topic that is useful for marketers, startups or small business owners. It can be for example an article about the top 10 latest project management apps, or a how-to-guide on how to integrate VOIP solutions, or what CRM systems are most effective.
  2. The length of the piece should be at least 1,500 words.
  3. Please link to 2 other articles in our blog and max. 7 external links to other websites, articles, products.
  4. Please attach one feature image for the blog post (min size 650×550) and find at least 2 images that can be embedded in the
  5. Optional: provide some detail about yourself and your business, blog or website.
  6. Send the content and pictures in a doc, docx file to author@myhelpster.com
  7. Please create an account on Gravatar and share with us the details (email).


Once you have send us a blog post, we will review the content and reply within 3-5 working days. We might make suggestions on what to change. Otherwise we will post your article. In case you have any questions you can contact Felix in our team.


How much will MyHelpster pay?

We are happy to pay up to $150 per blog post. But the price will depend on the quality and length of the content. We would pay $150 for an outstanding piece that has 3,000 words. Once we have received your blog post, we will review it and make you an offer. We can not promise that we will make you an offer, maybe we will just offer you to post it for free on our blog and to get free publicity and a backlink. If we for example see, that you are self-promoting your company, we will definitely not pay you for the content.

This is a limited chance to get paid for only the first 500 authors. Afterwards we might change our policy, so be quick and send your content to author@myhelpster.com or felix@myhelpster.com now.


Written by Susanne Webster

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