q-icon How much does a session with a Helpster cost?
Our flat fee for a Helpster starts at £5 and that covers most Hepsters. No matter how long it takes to help you or to resolve the issue, you only pay £5. Please keep in mind that some Helpsters have a limit, it is for example not possible to proofread a 50,000 word dissertation for just £5. So we will always write how much work can do for £5. Also keep in mind that we always have a satisfaction guarantee.


 q-icon When do I have to pay for the service?
You only pay after the help session if you are satisfied  with your Helpster. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on every issue.


q-icon Why do I have to enter my Credit Card Details in the beginning?
You only pay after the session if you are satisfied. We ask for your credit card details to allow you to pay easily after the session and to allow you to use Helpster in future without reentering your details. This prevents any interruption of  to your account. Collecting credit card information also allows us to reduce fraud and to limit customers to one account.

Your credit card will not be charged at any point before your Helpster Session. One day after your Helpster Session we will ask you for feedback and if you are satisfied, we will process the one-time connection fee. If you change your mind from your initial Helpster review, you can request a refund within 30 days after your session.


q-icon What if I cannot find the Helpster I need?
We are still a young startup and we are building our team of Helpsters step by step and for that reason, you might not find help for every issue, problem and question at the moment. However, you can always describe your issue, this will help us to build our team of helpster and we will also always check if we maybe already have a Helpster who can help you.


q-icon Who ensures that my PC is safe when you enter it via remote?
Well, that’s what our brand stands for and that is what we promise. Additionally, we use the latest security software, there is always a turn-off button, you can stop at our office in London and see that you are dealing with real people.

If you are still not convinced just use our screen sharing option or reach out to us.


q-icon Where do the Helpsters come from?
Philippines! Thats where our BPO partners are located and thats where we have our core roots.


q-icon Am I supporting cheap outsourcing labour in bad working environments?
No, you do not! Our Helpsters make much more than the industry average pays. A part from that our Helpsters enjoy a care taking HR-service, which incentivizes more than just with money – we believe we have to do more to get the best people who deliver the best services. So far we were right and we don’t intend to change this.

Confused young man


q-icon The connection broke down or the session ended before the full service was ddelivered what should I do?
Something like that shouldn’t happen. Nevertheless internet connectivity can be an issue and usually it’s less our line than your line. However, in case the connection breaks down there are three options:

1. Try to chat with our Helpster through the chat window provided in the connection window
2. If this doesn’t work, simply wait until our Helpster calls you back again
3. Last, send us a new call back request. We would reach out for sure!


q-icon My question or help issue seems quite dumb, can I still request help from a Helpster?

YES, for sure. We find from our experience that small issues, as e.g. changing a picture between PowerPoint and Word, are often the most nerve racking ones. As stated on our website; we want you to RELAX. Hence feel free to reach out in any case – no matter how complicated or simple it seems.


q-icon How long does it usually take till a session is over?

Depends! Between 5 and 25 minutes is the usual range


q-icon I missed your call, what can I do?

Please wait a little. Unless our lines are sky rocking hot and our Helpsters are very busy they will try it a second time. If you don’t hear anything anymore feel free to drop a second request. You don’t have to worry about any payments, because you only pay after the session if you are satisfied.