How To Finalise A Master Thesis With Little Money And Time

Our Co-Founder Bjoern at his graduation.


The following article answers the question how to finalise a master thesis with little money and time. This article was written by our Co-Founder Bjoern on the basis of his personal experience and frustration. 

I just finished my master’s thesis. The master’s thesis is the final stepping-stone in a student’s academic career. Finishing this final academic piece with a BIG BANG seemed important to me. Besides thorough research and writing, everything else including formatting, graphics, and general layout should be perfect.

However, reality was a little different. Working on MyHelpster was a 24/7 job and left me with little time to think about my actual thesis, let alone writing it. I assume I am no exception to this situation. When writing a thesis, you are usually already thinking ahead on the next steps of your career: writing applications or working as an intern for the company of your choice. The time to write your thesis passes very quickly and, faster than you know, the deadline for your thesis is in three weeks.

Luckily, in my case, I had already researched and written everything. However, the whole paper still looked messy. Neither my graphics nor the whole formatting met my personal requirements. But I also felt like I had neither the time nor patience to focus on these important but nerve-racking steps of thesis finalisation.

Well, in my case, I was lucky. Why am I worrying about such minor formalities, if I am launching a company for online services which helps you with a whole range of Microsoft Office products? Exactly! I had Microsoft Office experts at hand, and so I arranged a Skype call with our Helpster Wilson to discuss with him my thesis requirements and to pass him the responsibility for the final polish. After 45 minutes skyping, everything became clear. I gave Wilson some hand drawn drafts for the graphics I needed, briefed him about the formal requirements of my thesis, and that was it. Wilson understood what I needed and started working.

To be honest, it took him almost two days to finish everything, sending me two messages in-between to clarify some details I forgot to explain him. Two days later, he sent me a message saying proudly “Bjoern the beast is tamed”. And it was. Wilson had created 10 great looking graphics in Power Point. He used Power Point as it gave me the chance to make some final adjustments, without requiring Photoshop skills. Also, the thesis formalities were in place: paging in different formats, a nice table of content, margins, cover sheet, and so on. Everything complied with the requirements of my university.
I was happy and proud because not only was my thesis done, but also my own service proved to be of great use to me and in the future for any possible bachelor, master, or PhD candidates.

Hence, it was time to pair specific tasks into service offerings for Helpsters. This way, future student customers choose directly what kind of help they need with their paper and how much it would cost and therefore can finalise a master thesis with little money and time easier than ever seen before.


“Finalise A Master Thesis With Little Money And Time”

And that was the result. Below, you can find the Helpsters I would have chosen, if I had not been the lucky dude who launched MyHelpster. Each Helpster symbolizes a specific task you need done to finalize your thesis. The price is fixed and backed up with a satisfaction guarantee. In case you are in a similar situation like me—having great ambition but little time—give it a try and experience the power of outsourcing to an expert.



The answer on how to finalise a Master Thesis with little money and time is given above. And just a hint, the grade I received was very good – Cheers and thanks to Wilson 😉


Written by Bjoern Wind

Bjoern Wind is Co-founder and CEO of MyHelpster. He has a MSc Management from the Nova Business School and worked three years in the energy industry.