Get Guy Kawasaki’s Mac

Guy Kawasaki's Mac

Who wouldn’t like to know how tech celebrities are using technology?


For example what Apps did Steve Jobs use on his iPhone? What does the timeline of Mark Zuckerberg look like? Or which websites is Eric Schmidt using on a daily basis?


Use tech like a celebrity


In October last year Ashton Kutcher gave in a Lenovo Yoga Tablet ad a small insight in his tech life and showed us what Apps and tools he was using. Although it was staged in the advertising, we liked the idea that celebrities are showing us a bit of their digital life and it inspired us to go ahead and find out how other celebs are using tech. We went out and did our research on Guy Kawaski. Guy is well known in the startup and marketing community, he is a bestseller author, currently chief evangelist of Canva and former chief evangelist of Apple and adviser at Google and Motorola. His 6.7 millions followers on social media properly love him most for his great marketing and startup advice which he delivers in frank and brief 10-point presentations at many top league institutions around the world.


Get a Mac like Guy


To have a Mac like Guy, with all the plug-ins, small extension and software tweaks cannot only make you much more productive, but is arguably the best practice collection of software for a Mac you can find. At least it is in use every single day and by someone who has definitely a very busy schedule and wants to get things done. Guy is with his 60 years still at the top of the technology revolution, but also has almost forgotten yet very useful plug-ins on his machine.


Moreover, Guy is not a conformist, but rather someone who is always looking for the best solution. Despite his long history with Apple, he openly admits to prefer Android phones and although he is most active on Google+, he criticises the bad interface of Google Hangout.


How did we find what Apps Guy is using?


What we like about Guy is that he is extremely practical with his advice. Instead of philosophising about different marketing strategies, he presents the tools, software and apps he is using daily to effectively manage his digital professional life. In the many presentations that we could find from him on Youtube and the Internet, he shows his own Mac Airbook and gives even live demos of some add-ons and plugins.


Yes you heard right, we watched for hours his different talks and presentation on Youtube (which was a pleasure) and tried to identify the different icons on his screen (which was a pain).

We found over 20 applications and interesting software apps that Guy is using. Software that goes far beyond Dropbox, Skype and other well-known applications.


So how can you find out what software he is using? Our new Helpster “Guy’s Mac” will connect you to one of our experts who will setup your Mac in around 30 minutes. In a personal consultation he will create the Mac environment in which Guy is working everyday – but personalize it to your needs.


Instead of just giving you a list of applications, we want to invite you to experience a personal consultation that in the end will not only make you more productive, but also more familiar with the settings and options on your device.


You can order our Helpster for as little as £5 ($8) today and get an Expert on the other line who will set it up in less than 30 minutes. Or get it for free when you share us on social media. If you just want to get the top-10 list to set the software and apps up yourself, just share us and we will email you all the cool tips with explanations.


Where did we find the material?


We created this collection and service based on the available material on the Internet. Thus, we don’t know if Guy has maybe changed his applications. But the lasts available screenshot we found is just a few weeks old.


If you are Windows user, that’s not the end. You can transform Windows to Mac design in a blink of an eye. Plus, Guy Kawasaki also brings you his list of 15 top apps and gadgets. Can it be better? Yes, it can. Learn how to backup your Mac settings and save the most precious files.


Written by Felix Strasser

Cofounder & CMO at MyHelpster. Passionate about digital marketing and new technology.