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Receive Email Read Confirmation

Get Email read confirmation

Would you like to receive an email read confirmation with every email you have sent?

When sending emails you often are not sure if the other person has received it. Maybe the email went in the Spam folder, maybe the recipient has not opened it and forgot about it, or maybe the email never reached the inbox. A solution to all of these situation is to set up an get email confirmation for every email.

Get delivery and read receipt confirmations

Setting up an Email confirmation in Outlook is actually not too hard. We have created a video and guide that explains the process in 5 easy steps. Follow these steps and you will to get a delivery confirmation. But does the email receipt confirmation work? The person who has received the email can choose if they want to send back a confirmation. Meaning a small pop up window will open when the person opens your email. If they click on confirm you will get back a small message informing you that the person has opened the email. Do you want help with setting up your Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird or any other Email application with a read receipt confirmation? Request this Helpster and one of our trained and certified Email Experts will call you back and help you.

Receipt Confirmation 2.0

Getting with every email a pop message can be quickly annoying, particular if you are sending an email to your boss, clients, colleagues or suppliers. Do you really want them know that you need a read confirmation?
Think about what kind of message this sends when with every email the person has to first tell you that he or she has received your email. It can come over as showing little trust, even if this is not your intention at all. So what can you do?
The latest tools and plugins allow you to send email receipt confirmation without the other person even knowing that you still get the information! But how does this work?
Actually these small tricks have been used by the advertising industry already for years. Do you know that every commercial newsletter from fashion article to food products uses this technology. Yes, they know exactly which email was not delivered, when you have opened the email, which link you have clicked on and much more.

Request our Helpster, who is a trained and certified Email expert, and get the email read confirmation system in place you want.
- Explains how the email tracking system works and answers all your questions about email read confirmation.
- Set up and customize the email receipt confirmation plugin you want, so that you can send emails and get confirmation.
- Your Helpster will be able to help you with the Email confirmation system in MS Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.
- Your Helpster also supports email confirmation for Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, and much more.

The great thing is that you only pay £5 ($8) when you are satisfied and after the session when everything is working.

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