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Get a Mac like Guy Kawasaki

Would you like to work on your Mac with the apps and tools Guy Kawasaki is using?

We found more than 20 applications and plugins Guy Kawasaki is using; applications Guy has mentioned in his numerous talks and presentation on the Internet. In addition to the best collection of Mac productivity apps, your Helpster will set up and personalize the applications for your personal needs and preferences.

- Get the best apps and plugins Guy Kawasaki is using too.
- Explain to you all the features and answer all your questions regarding the applications, plugins and software Guy Kawasaki is using.
- Most plugins are free and we found free alternative to the few paid Apps Guy Kawasaki is using on his Mac.

In order to get this Helpster you need to use a Mac with OS 10.7 or later version.
You can get the complete list of Apps and a personal setup from one of our Experts for just £5 or as a 'Thank You' when sharing us on Facebook or Twitter.

If you prefer to install the application on your own, we can also provide you this unique list of Mac apps and Plugins for free.
Just Continue here.

We found the software through extensive research and read more about it in our blog.

Guy Kawasaki said about this service: "I am flattered"
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