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Migrate Hotmail emails to Gmail

Migrate Emails from Hotmail to Gmail

Your Helpster will help you to migrate all your emails from Hotmail to Gmail, or any other email provider:

• Your Helpster will walk you through the migration process and ensure that all your email messages, contacts and calendar events are in your new Gmail account.
• Your Helpster can configure email rules so that you do not miss or lose any future emails to your old Hotmail account.
• Export and Import your existing rules in Hotmail, so that you work with the same functions.
• Your Helpster will answer all your questions about your new email provider.

Switching email provider should not be hard

Are you getting too many spam emails in your email inbox? Or did you reach the limit of free storage for Hotmail and you need to pay for additional storage? Or maybe you would just like to use a new email to have a fresh new start.
Whatever your reasons, switching an email provider should not be a big hassle. Yet, people often struggle with these migrations and stop switching at all. This is the only explanation why millions of people still have an address. Although, there is nothing wrong with using Hotmail, there are good reasons why you should consider switching.

1. People know a lot about you by just looking at your email address. Are you a digital native who is informed about the latest technology changes? If you are using an email provider that is 10 years old, chances are that you are not.

2. Ruslan Kogan, Founder & CEO of a Silicon startup, took it even one step further and recommended not to hire people who have a @hotmail email address.

3. Older email domains are easier to hack, since password security is in general lower. It is quite likely that you are using the same password for maybe 2 years or even longer. Additionally, you probably do not use a 2-step verification process, because this security feature is relatively new.

Helpsters are Outlook certified and trained experts

Our Helpsters are trained and certified experts in Outlook, Gmail and most email software. That is why your Helpster can support you with any Outlook version. (e.g. Mac Outlook, Outlook Express, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013).
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Select your Helpster

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Get it Done

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Rate and Pay

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