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Protect your Child online

Do you want to protect your child online? Get your Helpster for a personal consultation and set up session to get the parental control software you need.

Get a personal session with an Expert in child security software

Finding the right parental control software is hard with literally hundreds of differents options on the Internet and on your device. So how can you protect your child online and monitor what they are doing?
Well, you could change settings for your broadband network, or you maybe create a different user profile on the Windows or Mac device, or what about getting the latest parental control software? But would you need a paid version or is the freeware good enough? And also will any of these solutions also work on an iPhone, iPad or tablet?

Finding the right way to protect your child on the Internet is hard, yet alone to configure the solution to your individual needs. But it should not be difficult! That is why we have created a personal service that will answer all your questions regarding child security on the Internet and together with one of our certified and friendly experts, you can find out which software or application is most relevant for you. Moreover, our Helpster will answer all your questions and even set up and configure the software for you.
Even better, our experience has shown that most things can be already reached with freeware, meaning software that is totally free and open-source. Thus you do not have to buy a parental control software or purchase an expensive subscription.

• Addressing your questions or concerns in regards of the online security of your child.
• Choosing the right means of security (e.g. browser, password security, monitoring systems, security software, etc.) all depending on your individual needs and the operating system you are using.
• Installation and set up of all functionalities.
• Explaining how the software works, how to adjust settings as well as when to update certain security features.

Why is parental control software important?

Official bodies such as the UK Council for Child Internet Safety alert about the potential dangers the Internet has for your child. No matter if inappropriate adult content, contact to strangers or social bullying all of that can be diminished through the right settings and software on your computer. Our Helpster can help you with that, by establishing the right features according to your individual needs, explaining you their use and purpose, and by taking all the time it takes to answer your questions and concerns.

Did you know?

• 93% of all 5-15 year olds used the Internet in 2013. This breaks down by age as: four in five 5-7 year olds (82%), and nearly all 8-11 year olds (96%) and 12-15 year olds (99%).
• In 2013, 12-15 year olds spent as much time using the Internet as watching television.
• 29% of UK children aged 9-16 years old said they had contact online with someone they have not met face to face.
• 63% of parents of 12-15 year olds felt their child knew more about the internet than they did.

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