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Move website to another hosting company

Transferring your Website to another Hosting Provider

Transferring your website to another hosting provider

• We check your current and future hosting providers and eliminate any potential problems beforehand. In these cases, we will consult you about possible solutions when moving your site.

• Using the latest cloud technology, we ensure the highest speed in transferring your data from one site to another.

• We check that everything runs smoothly.

• As soon as your site is moved, you will receive a notification asking you to verify the quality of our work. In case there is something amiss, you can make use of our cost-free follow-up support.

• Moving and handling your site’s data are very sensitive issues. With MyHelpster, you have a 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied and that your data are safe. Unlike any freelancer, we guarantee this security with our brand name.

Our MyHelpster promise

lfnk3a-manage-puaspt-1-2   All our Helpsters are trained and certified Experts in their field


lfnk3a-manage-puaspt-1-2   Every Helpster service has been quality checked & tested


1bk40e-scale-puaspt-1-2   We connect you with our Helpster in less than 30 Minutes or you tell us your preferred time & date


kmxbw0-schedule-puaspt-1-2   Your personal information is secure and will never be shared with anyone

 u76x8i-measure-puaspt-1-2   You only pay for your Helpster after your session, once you have told us that you are satisfied

Do you want to transfer your website to another hosting company

There are several reasons why you might want to move your site. The bottom line is that the process of moving one site to another can be very tricky, and the last thing you want is the risk of website downtime. Therefore, you should think about consulting a professional and getting help from a trusted and certified professional when you want to move your website from one host to another. The starting price for this service—for a simple WordPress site with small data bandwidth—is $10. However, depending on the format and size of your website as well as the hosting provider of your choice, this cost might slightly vary. But no worries—before we start working, we will evaluate these parameters and start transferring your site only after you approve our quote (in 60% of the cases, we move a site for only $10).

In case you are planning to move your website from one host to another by yourself, we recommend using the following resources:

How to Move a Website

5 Steps To Migrating Website Without (Or Minimal) Downtime
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