Guy Kawasaki’s top 15 Apps and Gadgets

Guy Kawasakis Top 15 Apps for Mac

Guy Kawasaki, former Apple chief evangelist and bestselling author is not only a Mac expert but also a first class social media marketer.


We spend hours searching on the Internet to find all the apps, plugins and software Guy is using and put together a top 15 collection of the apps and tech Guy is using. Find out with which tools Guy Kawasaki is using and why. If you want to read how we came up with the list, continue here.


15. Jumpcut

Jumpcut Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki recommends this tool in his talk at the MIT Enterprise Form. It allows him to “clipboard buffering” — which means that he can cut or copied, even if he subsequently cut or copied something else again. It is a great clipboard and free to download here.




14. Pinterest Chrome Extension

Pinterest Guy Kawasaki

Why is Guy Kawasaki on Pinterest? He said on a hangout for Canvas that he loves the beautiful interface, but also allows thinks that the longest tail of people finding a blog post is properly Pinterest.


13. Feedly

Feedly Guy kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki uses like 11 million other the most popular RSS reader to stay on top of his RSS feeds.


12. Replies and more

Replies and more Google+ Guy kawasaki

Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements.


11. Nuke Comments on Google+

Nuke Comment Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki regularly nukes people who pied in his pool; how he likes to call it. Nuke Comments on Google+ is the perfect extension for is because it deletes a comment and block the commenter in two clicks.


10. Snapzpro X

Snapzpro X

Guy still uses the Snapzpro X to organise and manage his screenshots. The software allows him take screenshots and to record his screen. The software does more than you can ask for but also costs you about $60. We recommend the free Skitch from Evernote.


9. Password manager

LassPass Guy Kawasaki

Like many others, Guy uses a password manager to stay on top of all his passwords and websites. We recommend LastPass, it is free and comes with latest encryption technology.


8. TextExpander


TextExpander can make your live incredible productive. Instead of writing the same email over and over again you can just expand custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text and pictures. Guy uses most comprehensive software TextExpander, which comes for $35. A cheaper alternative is aText, which only costs $5.


 7. TweetDeck


When you have some 1.4M followers on Twitter like Guy, you need some good tools to still join the conversation on Twitter in a meaningful way. In one presentation Guy showed that he is using the TweetDeck to do that.


6. Evernote


Guy uses Evernote to manage his notes, collect articles that matter and so on. We also saw that he has been using the Evernote Chrome extension.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Chrome

While in a presentation at MIT in 2013 Guy was promoting Buffer to schedule tweets and posts, we saw in a Google Hangout a few weeks ago that he has no the Hootsuite plugins on his Mac. – Sorry Buffer!


4. Macbook Air

Macbook Air

Not surprisingly for a former chief evangelist of Apple, Guy is using a Mac to work on. Over the last few years he was seen with a Macbook Air at different conferences and events.


3. Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse

Logitech - Nano tech VX mouse

In a video from 2008 Guy mentions that he is using a Logitech mouse. He seems to be very happy about his purchase and his with the many positive reviews on Amazon not alone.


2. Nexus 4

Nexus 4

Despite his long history with Apple, Guy is using Android phones. He had a Nexus 4 and that in an interview a few years ago that he wanted to switch once the new Nexus with 4G LTE would come out. So he properly has the new Nexus 5.


1. Oticon Hearing Aids

 Oticon Hearing Aids Guy Kawasaki

Did you know that Guy has a bad right ear? He uses a fully digital oticon hearing aid advice to still get all the information necessary. Properly the only tech gadget you only gonna buy when you really need it.


Talking about Guy Kawasaki, did you know that now you can have Mac like he does? If you like his recommendations, you would also like lessons by Neil Patel. And from Neil Patel, you can navigate to analytics tools for startups, parental control applications and other useful tips and tricks for freelancers.


Written by Felix Strasser

Cofounder & CMO at MyHelpster. Passionate about digital marketing and new technology.

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