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First and foremost, the headline above is irritating. There is a service, which helps in case you have problems, questions or any other nerve-racking experience in context of your Hotmail account. The headline is simply chosen as the offered service, lets call it by name “MyHelpster”, is not offered by Microsoft itself (which is a shame) and instead an independent provider for Microsoft Office support. Anyways this will be further elaborated. But before that, let us start to discuss the general importance of a working E-Mail account and then focus on the possible help one can get from MyHelpster in such an event.


In general a working email account is an essential means of communication. Using email to communicate with your friends, relatives and peers is extremely beneficial and in times of web-based communication a simple MUST – no matter if business or private life (studies have shown that Christmas 2013 was the first year in which E-Mails were ahead of letters to send wishes to relatives and other loved ones). This is due to several reasons; instant access, instant delivery, no mailing costs, faster creation of E-Mail letters especially if there are multiple addressors and so on.  In addition to its one-on-one communication function, email is a popular marketing tool and used by businesses to send ads and promotions to their potential customers and hence to create web traffic, awareness, etc.


Highlighting the importance emails provide, one has to realize that there are still sometimes flaws with it, especially if something is wrong with the account access, the server or security issues. For instance, if you are using Hotmail and you can not access your e-mail account; you’ll likely find out that – in contrast to any traditional mail-service – there’s no Hotmail contact number or person to call for help (postal services are usually a people- and more personal business). Anyways in the event that your email is not working, the possible consequences are enormous, especially if one has problems with its business related account as this can mean delayed orders, not receiving orders, late payment of bills and so on.


Understanding this, one can raise the question what the reasons for a non-working account are. In general there are lots and lots of reasons why your Hotmail account is not working or inaccessible. For example the Hotmail account could have been hacked or blocked as the password had been entered too many times (most people do not know that some providers temporary deactivate a account in case the pin has been entered too many times without success). Other example reasons can be that Hotmail has not been opened for a (VERY) long period of time or the MSN-email servers has broken down (usually a temporary issue, which eventually will be resolved by the provider). Bottom line is; reasons that a Hotmail account is inaccessible can be plenty and hence, having problems with your email account can be tricky due to the number of causes.


Anyways as plenty the number of possible causes as high the amount of possible ways to resolve the problem. But, which way is the best?

Luckily, there are several things that you can do to resolve the issue. Generally you can always ask a friend. Friends are in many cases the first touch point for help. Nevertheless, they are not always available and in many cases do not know the solution either.


Aside from friends help, you can also search on Google for the solution to your problem. However, this action requires a thorough understanding about your problem and in most cases what you will get is a broad and complicated variety of written solutions. Additionally you can try to request help through professional Q&A websites, where experts answer your questions. The catch with that: you have to clearly formulate your problem, wait for an answer around 24 hours and, again, understand the composed solution of the expert, as it is also a plain text answer.


Anyways the best way to resolve your problem is to use an online IT support company. Nevertheless in this case you have to be careful as well as most IT support services require a long-term commitment in form of a costly subscription. Additionally most services are usually less specialized with the consequence that troubleshooting could take a long time as well.

However, is not like other online support services. MyHelpster is the only service where you receive highly specialized help without subscribing to any form of service package. In this context is MyHelpster especially focused on problems around Outlook and hence Hotmail as well. No matter if one has a simple question as “hot to create an email signature” or something complex as an error message like “error 0x800CCC0f in Outlook”, the team of MyHelpster has seen and resolved nearly all issues one can think about of if it comes to email problems. what they can do for you?

“How can I contact Hotmail? What is Hotmail customer support number? Why can I not access my Hotmail account?” If you are one of the people that have these questions in mind, you can contact MyHelpster.


At, you can get the answer that you need right on the phone. The tech support company helps you solve any issue about your Hotmail account remotely, right at your computer screen. The website is easy to use: Simply press the help button to request help and in less than 30 minutes a Helpster will call you back and assist you via screen sharing and over the phone.


Accompanied with that there is no risk for subscriptions. You are the one in control and you pay what you want according to the service you experienced.


Hence in the case of the future event that you need help with your Hotmail account, you can directly contact the team of MyHelpster. Don’t feel limited by the things we already offered like Hotmail support and emails migration. We can also help you to set the email read confirmation, exporting and importing in Outlook and any other problems you may be noticing.


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