An Easy Guide On: How To Backup Outlook Data?

Every Outlook user knows that quickly more and more emails pile up. Also many of these emails are needed multiple times. Thus, the best thing is to save all the Outlook data in regular periods on your device.


Why should I save my Outlook data?

  • If you use Outlook regularly after a short time you will collect and create a lot of data in Outlook. It could be contact details, emails or meetings and of course many attached files. Everything is saved in the ‘personal storage table’ (pst.)
  • In order to prevent that the data gets lost when you experience an Outlook crash or you accidently delete the pst file, there are various ways to backup the personal storage table.

How to backup Outlook?

To backup Outlook is really simple. You can do it by following the following steps.

  1. Open Outlook. You can find ‘Import/Export’ option in the menu ‘file’. Click on ‘Import/Export’.
  1. The import-export wizard will open. Search for the option ‘export a file’ and then click next.
  1. The next step is to select the folder where you want to save the backup file. Select the preferred folder or alternatively go to desktop. You can still later move the file to another folder.
  1. Select the folder to export and continue by clicking next.


Import .pst file to Outlook

In case you had to reinstall Outlook or you need to install Outlook on another device, you can copy the .pst file and import the data to Outlook.


  1. You do the same steps as if you want to export a file. But instead of selecting ‘export a file’, please select ‘import a file’. Likewise, the import-export wizard will launch.


  1. The next step is to go to the folder where you saved the .pst file. Select the file and confirm by clicking next.

Import 2

  1. After confirming again the import process, Outlook will restore the .pst file and you can use your old Outlook data.

import 3

import 4

This article has show how to backup Outlook data from a basic perspective. In case you would like to get additional help or support with Outlook backup explore our specific Helpster here or read about OST and PST files and their conversion.

We also wrote about other backup methods and what can you do if you delete some files by accident.


Written by Bjoern Wind

Bjoern Wind is Co-founder and CEO of MyHelpster. He has a MSc Management from the Nova Business School and worked three years in the energy industry.