How To Backup Your Mac Settings with Time Machine

If you are planning to install the brand new Yosemite or are you planning to return to the error proof Mavericks? Do you have important work files stocked in your Mac hard drive or personalized settings? Chances are high, you have and as any time, when you plan to update or change certain programs and settings, you should think about a back. A backup protects you against fatal data loss, or loss of personalized settings.


In the following we will emphasize on the use of the Time Machine Backup function in a Mac. Time machine is a preinstalled system application that comes with every iOS system. So how to backup your mac settings with Time Machine Backup?


In order to backup your Mac Settings with Time Machine backup, you have to do the following:


First: Go to system preferences (Click on the apple in your toolbar and go to system preferences)


Second: Click on the Time Machine icon:


Third: Start the Time Machine and click on « show time machine in menu bar »


Fourth : Choose the drive you will put your backup in and click « Use disk »


Fifth: Now that you chosen the disk you want to backup, go to the Time Machine icon in the status bar and click on « Backup now ». For that please ensure that your Mac is plugged into power or has enough battery to complete the whole process.


Final Step: Time Machine will now save your settings in hourly rhythm. In this context, do not worry about your disk space. If Time Machine detects that your hard disk if full, it will automatically erase the old backups.

To conclude the use of Time Machine is simple, buts it impact can be very powerful and great. Hence no excuse, you know now how to backup your Mac settings with Time Machine Backup.


Written by guest blogger:  Mohammedi Bouzina Samir


If you liked this. you already know that if you don’t backup your files it might happen you lose them. It is easy to recover deleted pictures and restore files from recycle bin and you can always look for us if you need help. But take care that you set up your IT security so you don’t come in such a situation.




Written by Susanne Webster