How to convert OST to PST files

Convert OST to PST Files

How to convert ost to pst files in Outlook or any other Email?

What does OST mean?

The word ‘OST’ stands for ‘Offline Storage Table’ files of Microsoft Outlook. These files


For what do I need OST files?

OST files are created from Microsoft Exchange when working off-line. Microsoft Exchange Server host your contacts, emails, calendar Microsoft Microsoft Outlook and are mostly used in organisation and business. The easiest way to understand what Microsoft Exchange is when you compare it to Google Apps. It is a server, which hosts your information so that you can access it at different places.


However, the OST file allows you to also work with your emails, contacts and calendars when you are not connected to the Exchange Server. Thus is stores your online data offline. This is really great because you can still work in Outlook even when the server faces down time..


But how does a OST file work?

Actually it is quite simple. Whenever, you are off-line and not connected to the Microsoft Exchange server, Outlook creates off-line folders in the file format .ost. These .ost files are an precise copy of your online mailbox on the Microsoft Exchange Server. You can find the OST files therefore on your PC or device. As soon as you connect again with the Exchange Server the files will be updated and synchronized so that the changes you made offline are also online on your server.


Thus the OST files enable you to also work in an unreliable network where the connection breaks down often. Most of the time you will not even know when working in Outlook if you are connected to the server or not.



When do I need an OST file?


  • The Microsoft Exchange Server database has been corrupted or damaged
  • Your Server crashed and data was lost
  • You deleted your Email or migrated from an Exchange Server to a local machine (.pst)
  • Exchange database has got corrupt
  • The Exchange profile has been modified or damaged.
  • A virus or hacker has attacked your network
  • You have a new employer, but you would like to take your ost file with you to keep emails and contacts


If you in any of these situations, you might want to backup a copy of your Outlook mailboxes. Thus, you would need to convert the Outlook OST file to a PST file. The term PST stands for Personal Storage Table’.


In these cases you can purchase an expensive Mailbox Exchange Desktop software to convert OST into PST files. However, you might only use this application only once or twice. Instead of purchasing a software for $100 we would recommend requesting our Helpster who can do all the things a commercial software could do for you.



Our Helpster can recover all Outlook mail components (Emails, Contacts, Notes, Calendar Entries, Journals etc.) from the corrupt/damaged OST files and also restores those in a new PST file. Additionally, we support you on your screen with implementing the new PST file in Outlook. Thus you are not left alone and you don’t have to worry about finding the right software.


How can I implement the new PST file in Microsoft Outlook?


We wrote an How to guide on how to import PST files in Microsoft Outlook. This guide works for Outlook for Mac, Outlook Express, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2014 and all other Outlook Versions. Continue Reading.


Can you recommend any OST to PST file converter?


If you really want to purchase an OST to PST file converter, please be ready to spend up to $100. Unfortunately, all the applications have only a trial version with limited features. Thus it is almost impossible to convert an OST file which includes many emails and folders.


Thus we still recommend our servicer and believe that it will save you time and money.


Yet, we have created a video and reviewed the top 5 OST to PST file converter. We explicitly tell you what the apps can do and what not. Ask any questions in the comment section or reach out to one of our Helpsters.

Look for free online OST to PST converter or other Outlook guides.


Written by Susanne Webster