How to make a startup video for $10

Creating an explainer video is high on the to-do-list of a new startup or entrepreneur. The key is to create a “lean video”. Find out how MyHelpster managed to create a startup video for $10. Yes you heard right! Creating an expensive how tov


Okay the first question is probably: What can you expect when you only spend $10? Certainly not a lot, right? Maybe have look at our current video, which explains our service process in 3 minutes.


Not too bad for $10, right? Okay, how did we do it? Read our simple 4 step process to create cheap startup videos!


  1. Ask a friend to borrow a camera

Today, most cameras can already record HD videos, which is often more than enough for Youtube and Co. So you don’t need to rent these professional video cameras which cost you up to $100 per day. Most likely, you will not even use half of the features or you would need to find a freelancer who can actually work with these devices, which will then cost a lot more. We got from our friend in exchange for a chocolate bunny ($2)the Cameron E PL 3.


  1. Buy a microphone / camera if you cannot bother a friend (and return it)

Non of our friends had a microphone so we had to buy a microphone for $40 in an electronic store. However, we returned it already on the next day, so we got all our money back. I guess planning in advance is key, so we even bought the mic on the day we used it.


  1. Ask a friend again to be the actor

My friend, who you see in the video, worked for a radio station a few years ago while studying. With the help of an improvised teleprompter (we used a Mac and iMovie), he was able to speak the text without any preparation. ($8 bottle of wine as a small thank you)


  1. Edit Movie in Camtasia

We used Camtasia to cut the video, the software is free for 14 days. It’s really easy to use and intuitive, so you can cut the video in a few hours and even do screencasts very easily. We also used AudaCity to improve the voice recording. They are many free Youtube tutorials that explain how to maximise the voice quality.


From my own experience, I think it is not worth spending a lot on your first product video. We debated for hours what we should include in the video, but after a few weeks we already changed most of the points we were debating about. When you get customer feedback, you will change the process and your product anyway and then your video is quickly out-dated.

Do you know what is essential for business these days? It is having your own website. After you get it, you should build some backlinks. And beside that you should pitch, pitch and pitch.


Written by Susanne Webster