How To Remove Old Programs From Windows

how to remove old programs from windows

Your computer speed dropped? You can’t install any programme on your computer? It sounds like it’s time to clean up your PC and remove unused programmes and software in order to give your PC an additional boost. In the following, I introduce AVG TuneUp Utilities, a tool which helps you remove old programs from Windows PC.

In order to remove old programs from Windows, you first download TuneUp Utilities, for free. (I use the 2014 version. But no worries—the steps listed below apply to all versions.)

To get rid of obsolete software, we open TuneUp and then click on the Clean Up tab. TuneUp Utilities looks like this:

how to remove old programs from windows


As you can see, on the right side we have 3 main options:

1. Find and remove duplicate files – This searches your hard drive and lets you delete any files which are identical, including those with different filenames.
2. Find and delete large amounts of data – This option searches for and deletes large amounts of data on your storage media in order to create more disk space.
3. Securely delete data – This gives you 3 options of deleting your files or folders so that they can never be restored, even by experts.
The third option is the most important for us, so we click on it, and it opens this:


Myhelpster helps you to remove old programs from your windows pc


Select the first option, Files, and click Next. The next page looks like this:

Helpster tell you how to remove old programs from your PC


We click Add, select the file that we want to remove, and click Open and then Finish. The program, with all its components, is now completely removed from the computer. This helps new programs to be installed on the computer without any problem.
The second way to remove the files that we want is to use the program CCleaner. CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy, and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system, allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. Install and uninstall options and a toolbar are included.
When we open CCleaner, we can see the main options are Cleaner, Registry, Tools, and Options, all of which I describe here. When we click on the first option, Cleaner, we have 2 options—windows and applications—depending on what we want to remove. When we have selected the option we want, we click on Run Cleaner. The following picture shows you the first option, Cleaner.

TuneUp utility helps you to remove old programs from windows


The next option, Registry, is also very important because it enables us to fix all the issues in our registry. The Registry page is illustrated in the following figure.

We help you to remove old programs from Windows XP, 7, 8 10 or older


The next option—the most important for our problem—is Tools. When we click on it, we are shown all the programs on the computer that we can uninstall or remove. This is especially important for files that can’t be removed from the computer through the Control Panel. It’s simple to use this tool: just select the program or file that you want to remove, and click Run Uninstaller. Your program is removed, and you can now install a new one without problems. This is how the page looks like:

At the end, you can click Options for further information about CCleaner.

If you need any additional help to speed up your PC or to remove old programs from Windows, just give our personal experts a shout.

If you, in any reason, happened to delete a program you were not allowed to, don’t despair and try to restore it. That’s why we insist on the need for backup of the most important things. By the way, have you seen new shortcuts for Windows 8?


Written by Susanne Webster