How to setup Sidekick Chrome Extension

How to setup Sidekick Chrome Extension

The new Secret Weapon for your emails

Would you like to know if your boss has opened your emails with the meeting request? Is your landlord telling the truth that he has never received your emails? And what about emails to customers, suppliers, colleagues or employees?

Wouldn’t it be great to know who has opened your emails and who has not without letting them know? Well, marketers who send out newsletters have been knowing this for years. Since Mailchimp marketers and sales professionals can all send ‘better emails’. So marketers know exactly how many people have opened their email, have clicked on a link, how many have unsubscripted and so on. Thus the technology is out there and thanks to Hubspot, which is the company behind the free Sidekick Chrome extension, we can all use it now for our personal and professional emails.

How to setup Sidekick Chrome Extension


Find out how to set up the free Sidekick Chrome Extension by Hubspot. The Sidekick Chrome Extension is a great add-ons that allows you to track your emails. It gives you the functionalities of Mailchimp and allows you to see who has opened, read and click on links in your emails. The best tool for marketers and sales professionals. Additionally, you can link the extension to your CRM system, Hubspot Account or Social Media Channels.


You can find the Sidekick Chrome Extension in the Chrome Store. Click here.


Why Sidekick is a great tool

Sidekick is a truly powerful tool that should be used by every sales and marketing professionals. But what does it actually do? Sidekick allows you to track your emails and allows you to find out how people read and respond to your messages. Thus, the Sidekick tools enables sales agents and people who send out emails how effective their emails actually are and it takes out the guess work. The spooky thing is that the other person will not know that you track the email. So you can finally find out if your boss, customer, employee or supplier has really read this email.

However, Sidekick is a double-edged sword that can also be used against you. We can properly forget this stupid excuse: ‘Oh I didn’t see your email’, because the sender will have proof that you opened and read this email.


What can Sidekick track for free?

Sidekick is at the moment free for a limited number of emails (200 tracks per month). But there are rumours that Hubspots wants to chance this as soon the user based has reached a critical mass. Afterall Hubspot, the company behind Sidekick, needs to report a profit.

However, it gives you the following information

  • When your email is opened by the recipient
  • What device the recipient used to read your email
  • The geographic location where your email was opened
  • How many times your email was opened


What Sidekick Chrome tracks


You can also set up Hubspot Sidekick for your emails and these days one of the most useful extension Adblocker. Safe browsing should be your top priority.



Written by Susanne Webster