The Internship Challenge At MyHelpster

An internship at MyHelspter is fun. In collaboration with HeySuccess we have setup a huge internship challenge with over 17 nationalities working remotely with MyHelpster and learning a range of skills in the field of Digital Marketing. Every week we organize small tasks and announce weekly winners. The beginning of the Internship was coined by some warm-up activities in order to get to know each other and to come into ‘MyHelpster mood’. The results were astonishing and we are happy and thankful for each single one who supports our startup and works on our great mission to become the Amazon for online services.
In context of the mentioned warm-up activities we asked everybody to describe one tech problem they encountered in the past and how MyHelpster could have helped to fix this. The purpose was to generate new ideas for future Helpster and to find out, what people think about MyHelpster when you let them brainstorm about our startup without much prior knowledge.
The outcome was astonishing and each single work we received had a very individual and inspiring touch. We decided to share five works with you.



Enjoy reading them and thank you to everybody who participates in this great internship


Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 17.30.13

If you are reading this article then you are surely unfamiliar with greatness and miseries of data journalism. You’ve probably understand it: PDF is an absolute evil! It is said that people went crazy trying to retrieve data from a PDF… Fixed, dowdy, often protected, this type of file can be manipulated, in the best case, only via the search function CTRL + F. To sum up, it is very limited and rotten! But how can we turn a wicked PDF into a nice Excel spreadsheet?

It is actually quite easy. Take my example: one time, I needed to work with the list of grants for associations by the General Council. According to the decree, the General Council is obliged to publish this list. But like any administrative logic , it was done in PDF format! In that time, I was struggling to turn the data in a spreadsheet format to make beautiful graphics and understand why such friendly associations get small amounts of money… In short I want it to do journalism! I have experienced this galley and trust me it is a laborious, time consuming and repetitive to exploit the data in Excel. But this year, I discovered a solution to extract more easily, quickly and intelligently any PDF document data for only 5$. If such a service can save you time and your brain, visit MyHelpster.

 Written by Kaoutar Abbahhadou, 22 years from Morocco

Kaoutar Abbahadou



Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 17.36.32


Have you ever run out of battery power in the middle of an important meeting or a long flight or on a journey by train?

Personally, I always had this problem and the irony of fate is, that it was always in the middle of important work that I had to finish till the next day.

Certainly, you have already felt this feeling; Grrr it is not to be desired!


“How to save battery power?”

This question has + 93 400 000 answers on Google. The number of answers doesn’t reflect the effectiveness and the relevance of answers for our problem.

Nowadays, we live in the era of speed and what many people want is a quick and easy solution to their specific problem.


“Is there any magic solution to our problem?”



Relax & take it easy!


Even with advances in technology, your laptop or tablet battery can last only as long as a single charge. The trick is to squeeze the most out of the power that’s available.

One of the best ways to improve the battery performance of your PC is MyHelpster!


“But what is MyHelpster??!!”

I’m sure you are asking this question just right now: D

MyHelpster is what everyone needs and should want!

MyHelpster makes our life with technology easier. It comes down to helping people with their technology and to make their daily life easier, particularly in situations of stress, annoyance and anger – it is in these situations when technology fails.

As Mr. FELIX STRASSER – MyHelpster CMO, said : “If I describe MyHelpster in one sentence I would say it is a place where you can get professional on-demand help on a pay-as-you-go basis for tech questions, problems or any issue you do not want to deal…”

At this moment, I’m writing this paragraph during my travel from Casablanca to Agadir (500km) without any battery problem! Thanks to MyHelpster!

“Isn’t it magic?”


Written by Taha Haboucha, 22 years from Morocco


Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 17.43.46 

I am not a techonology person, but I am fascinated by technology and enjoy playing with different gadgets. I always have great joy reading tech blogs and youtube videos. So one day I got excited about booting my phone to install the latest version of android system which is currently not released for my phone model. I googled the methods of doing so and found a clear instruction with pictures that show me how to do so step by step. I excitingly followed my step and started my first attempt of booting my phone. Half way through the process, the phone was black-out and did not proceed as how it supposed to be as shown in the instructions. OMG! I just made a big mistake. I freaked now and did not know what to do. I tried restarting my phone and it went back to the same screen and became frozen. Then I started googling and trying to seek for answers in different tech forums (I was too embarrassed to call my friend asking them for help because I screwed up by trying to boot my phone). I could not find a solution and I did not want to screw it more by keep trying. It was middle of the night (well, that is the only time I am so “free” to mess up my phone) and I could not send it for repair. It put me into great worriedness all night long!

If I would have known that MyHelpster can help me with my problem within 30 minutes, I wouldn’t have gone through a night of worriedness and insomnia. And you know what? The service charge is much cheaper than my repair fees. Also, MyHelpster portfolio is astonishing and I will receive support from well-qualified professionals. I would definitely utilize MyHelpster as my first point of help in any technology issues.

Written by George Tan, 23 years from Malaysia

George Tan



Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 17.47.03

Einstein once said, “If you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist”

This sentence is an example for why lovers of citations are asked to always check their source before they embarrass themselves.

We live in an era of rapid technological changes in which we have open access to a wide range of information. No doubt, it is easier to google such than to look for them in books. But how to know if the information found on the internet are reliable?

Traditional medias (books, magazines, even television broadcasts), are usually being reviewed and critically evaluated by its publisher or an editor to make sure that the information are reliable. In the Internet there is no regulating body that monitors reliability of information; therefore, it is important for the user to check the information, or its source.

I wish I knew about MyHelpster while writing my thesis last year. MyHelpster could have introduced me to new ways to check the credibility of sources. Instead, I was checking website information over and over again, sometimes for hours. The MyHelpster team could have told me about the importance of checking who is the website’s intended audience as well as the author’s qualification to write about the subject. They could have also told me about the accuracy of the text itself, its purpose, the objectivity of the author, links related to the topic, page’s bibliography, domain name of the website and alternative lists of reliable online resources.

Hence, next time I am not sure about a source or need help with something else, I will just call MyHelpster, which saves me time and nerves.

Written by Bojana Rajic, 24 years from Serbia



Bojana Rajic


Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 18.03.39

As a frequent traveller I am used to carry my laptop with me everywhere I travel. I use my laptop to keep in touch with my friends and family, but also to work while I’m travelling. Usually I back up all of my files, but as it happens this one time I didn’t do it in almost six months.

As i was traveling in Italy, I decide to take an overnight bus to Slovenia. The bus was remarkably small but anyway I decided to put my laptop in an overhead compartment since there was not too much space. That turned out to be a big mistake. As the bus was going through the hills, at one moment there was a bend in the road and as the bus turned, my laptop dropped to the ground from 1,7 meters. Needless to say I was in complete shock and worried not only to lose my laptop but all the data I recklessly forgot to back up.

When I returned home I was searching for possibilities to fix my computer since my warranty had expired. I wanted to get it done by a professional and not by a friend, since I did not wanted risk any potential data loss

I wish I had known about MyHelpster at this time. As they could have restored my computer and saved my data.


Written by Jovana V., 27 years from Serbia

Jovana Vujcic


Again thank you everybody! MyHelpster is proud, thankful and very happy for all the support around the world, and are looking forward to rock the next weeks together with you.

Our interns wrote and other useful articles that you can read here, here and here. We wish many more to come.


Written by Susanne Webster