Most Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8

The most essential keyboard shortcuts for windows 8

All You Need to Know to Make Your Life Easy When Using Your Keyboard

Have you ever wondered what all those weird keyboard buttons are there for? What in the world does the Fn key do? Why are some keys in a different colour? Well, most of them are really useful once you know how to use them! You already know MyHelpster is all about helping you make your work quick and effective. That’s why we are proud to present you with the MOST ESSENTIAL keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 that will make your life easy!


Your Keyboard, a World of Possibilities

Obviously, there are tons of possibilities out there, but we have chosen for you the most important. You will get to know the Most Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8 after reading this. Among the most essential keyboard shortcuts, a couple of keys (such as Ctrl and Alt) in different combinations are the most commonly used. To make your work more efficient, be sure you know where they are located on your keyboard. Most of these essential keyboard shortcuts are located close to each other or placed close to the spacebar, so you can access them easily.

Let’s start our journey!

PrtScn – Showing the World What You’ve Got

By pressing the PrtScn key once, you make a screenshot of everything on your screen and can paste (Ctrl + V) it to any program you like—Paint, Word, Excel, etc.
• If you want to make a shot of a specific program instead of your whole screen, click on the program you wish to capture, and then press Alt + PrtScn.
• Press PrtScn + (Windows logo) to make a screenshot, which is automatically saved in your computer’s main pictures folder.


Most essential keyword shortcuts for windows 8


Insert – Choose Your Mode

This key controls the text-entering modes and is sometimes labelled as “Ins.”
• In the Insert mode (default), the text you type appears where your cursor is.
• The second mode is the Overtype mode, wherein everything you type overwrites the text in your cursor’s location.

To switch between those two modes, just press the Insert key.


Fn – Function, Function, Function

This key is one of the most essential keys on your laptop’s keyboard! A laptop keyboard is usually smaller than a PC keyboard. Therefore, there is a need to combine in the same key, two functions that are usually separated. This is why the Fn key, like a few other keys, has a different colour. Whenever you want to use a key with a different colour, you have to press the Fn key first.


Windows 8 – A Fresh Start

Pressing this key once sends you directly to the start screen.
• (Windows logo) + M is the keyboard shortcut to minimize all open windows.
• (Windows logo) + Home – minimizes all open windows except the one you’re using, to the taskbar.
• (Windows logo) + up arrow – maximizes the size of the window you’re in.
• (Windows logo) + down arrow – The first press minimizes the program you’re using to its original size.
Another press minimizes it to the taskbar.
• (Windows logo) + right arrow – pins the window to the right side of the screen so you could work on
two windows simultaneously.
• (Windows logo) + C – opens the system commands (AKA charms).
• (Windows logo) + any number between 1 and 10 – opens the program located on the relevant number on the taskbar. If you want to open Word, which is, say, the fifth program from the left on your taskbar, just press Win + 5 and Word will open.


Most essential keyword shortcuts for your Windows 8


Ctrl – Own Your Keyboard

Another competitor for the title ‘most essential key’ on your keyboard!
• Ctrl + Page Up (sometimes appears as Pg Up) – moves you a page up on your document. On your Internet browser, this shortcut moves you from the current tab you’re in to the next one. The same goes with Ctrl + Page Down (Pg Dn).
Important! If the Pg Up and Pg Dn keys are of the same colour as the Fn key, you have to press Fn as well to use this command (e.g., Ctrl + Fn + Page Up).
• Ctrl + plus/minus sign (+/-) – This shortcut zooms the page in/out and increases/decreases the size of the text.
• Ctrl + Shift + Esc – You know when your computer gets stuck and you need to get to the Task Manager? Until now, you’ve probably been using Ctrl + Alt + Delete to get to the menu from which you can get to the Task Manager. Well, no more! We have a shortcut to the shortcut. To get directly to the Task Manager, all you have to do is press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.


Alt – Ch-Ch-Ch-Changing

Alt is short for ‘alternate’. This key changes the function of the key it is combined with.
• Alt + Home – On your Internet browser, this essential keyboard shortcut opens your homepage.
• Alt + Tab – a super easy shortcut to switch between open windows. Press on these two keys together until you get to the program you want.

The most essential key-board shortcuts you need to know by myhelpster

To Conclude, the Keyboard Is There for a Reason!

It has a lot to offer, so use it!
We have brought you the most essential keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 that we thought will improve your work the most, but clearly there are a lot more. Feel free to tell us what your favourite shortcut is or what shortcut you wish there was. Maybe it does exist and you just didn’t know

And for all you Mac lovers, the ‘Most Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac’ article is coming soon!

Stay tuned!

Until then, maybe you wish to change your Windows 8 design or even transform it to Mac? Everything is possible now, even to get a Mac like Guy Kawasaki.

¬Photo: Peter Hellberg, Taken from flickr
– Article: by Mor Becker

Written by Susanne Webster