An Overview Of Parental Control Applications For Busy Mums

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Technology is all the rage these days, and our kids are just eating it up like biscuits. Tablets, iPads, laptops, desktop computers and smart phones are incredibly advanced, so advanced, that there is literally an application and website for just about everything now. This could create a problem for parents, however, because it’s so easy for our kids to stumble across websites that could be harmful to them without them even realizing it. Mums and dads are always busy providing for their kids and doing the best they can, but sometimes our kids need to be entertained other ways, and this is where the internet comes in.

But how are we supposed to know what they’re really doing while their surfing the net on their tablets, laptops or smart phones? There are various ways that mums can control what their kids are doing when surfing the internet. There are applications that can be installed on tablets, iPads and smart phone devices as a filter, so you know that your children are not being groomed and are staying safe while on the internet. We cannot always be behind out children, looking at what they’re doing while on the web, which is why there are solutions to this problem, so mums can stop worrying.

Yet there are various different Parental Control Applications that can be downloaded on your child’s phone or tablet, but it can be hard to find which one is the best internet parental control apps out there. Most apps will allow you to see what your children are doing, block specific applications and websites, set time limits for the internet and set up alert for when your child has stumbled onto something that they should not be seeing or doing. The Parent App Dashboards allow you to view picture and text messages, find a phone if it is lost, turn off all applications automatically during homework time, and even look at contact history.

Softwares and Applications to protect your child

  • Net Nanny is one of the most commonly used parental control apps, and features 18 filtering categories that can block, warn and allow access to various websites, all depending on the category of ratings. For example, if a website has inappropriate content for children, it will be blocked instantly. It will be able to tell you on your phone when your child has installed a new application, and without parental approval, applications will be prevented from running.
  • MamaBear does not track what your children are doing on their phones, but it does constantly track their locations. It will show you to keep track of their social media pages, show whether or not they drove over the speed limit, can track their arrival and departure for when they got to school and when they left, and can even tell you when your children have added new contacts.
  •  MMGuardian is an app that does what all the other ones do, but allows parents to send a text message to locate their child’s phone, or even lock it. The app can also emit an alarm that is a siren if the phone is lost in the home, school or anywhere else. If your child drives, you are also able to lock their phone when they are driving around.
  • My Mobile Watchdog allows parents to read texts and look at their logs for phone calls, and can even track your child through the app’s GPS system. This app does not allow a stealth mode function, so your children will never be able to send and delete something on their phone without you knowing about it.
  • Funamo filters and monitors activity, and includes their very own child-safe browser that instantly filters content and blocks websites. It has keyword blocking, as well as the option to blacklist and whitelist various websites under parental control.
  • Canary notifies parents if their children are using their phones to text, call or whatever the case may be while their vehicle is going faster than 12 miles per hour, or when the car in general is going over the noted speed limit. Parents are also able to blacklist certain areas on the app’s map feature, define a specific curfew time, create various geo-fenced safe areas, and even receive reports to their phone through either emails or notifications.
  • Screen Time Parental Control gives parents the opportunity to monitor the time that is spent on certain applications, and can even be used to set limits on such apps. Parents can also set bed time, lights out and school time limits for each application. The best feature that this app has to offer, is that parents can make a list of tasks that need to be completed. Once these tasks are done, Screen Time awards the child with extra time for usage of apps.

To conclude, there are lots of parental control systems. However in many cases it is less about the software than about the capabilities to install and operate all features. At this point MyHelpster taps in. We have developed a specific Helpster, which tackles the problem, that even though your software is working, you also have to know how operate all its functionalities.
MyHelpster helps you to make the most use of your parental control software. Together with you and your software, we ensure that your child is safe in the net. Our special parental security Helpster helps you to install and set up your parental security software. We help and advice you on all functionalities. We answer your question and we adjust all settings to the specific needs of your child (e.g. age depending aspects).

You can find our Protect Your Child Helpster here.

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Written by Bjoern Wind

Bjoern Wind is Co-founder and CEO of MyHelpster. He has a MSc Management from the Nova Business School and worked three years in the energy industry.