Pitch, Pitch, Pitch – Three tips where startups should pitch

Our Pitch at the MiniBar in London

Startups often underestimate the value of pitching. Going to events and presenting your idea to a crowd keen on the concept of startups or a bench of judges or investors can bring valuable feedback or help you to take your startup to the next level.


But finding the right stage is important because if entrepreneurs take time for these events, they better make sure that the right people are present in the audience and they have the fervor for the topic of discussion.


Pitch to the Community


The notion of pitching to the startup community is great because you will get honest and instant feedback for your idea. You will find countless opportunities to pitch to other entrepreneurs and people in the community. Just to mention one event, we can recommend the MiniBar events in London.


MiniBar is a social evening in Shoreditch, which offers people a chance to snaffle some free beer while discussing mobile web, web applications, start ups, social networking, investment and general Web 2.0 mayhem & fandango. Every month a few startups have the chance to pitch 5 minutes to the startup community. It’s a great event to get in touch with the real London startup community.

Check our the MiniBars Meetup Group.


Pitch to investors


Angle Network is a great place to pitch in front of investors; you can also earn cash by pitching in your ideas if you intend to. To get a place you either need a recommendation from an investor in the network or you just apply directly. A great overview gives AnglesDen where you can find local events. Most of the events are invite-only or have an application process where you send over your investor the pitch deck to reel him in. Keep in mind that if you want to pitch in front of investors you should have already proven many assumptions to eradicate misconceptions. Also, be sure to check if you are investment ready. Check out these great tips on investment readiness.

A room with investors
A room of investors can be intimidating. Expect hard questions.


Pitch competition


Other opportunities are pitch competitions. Regardless of these being online or offline, these provide you with wonderful opportunities of getting PR, great prices, creating some buzz at the same time. Today, most startup competitions ask you to not only send over your business plan but also to upload a short pitch video. The importance of the video depends on the competition and organizer, but our experience was that the pitch video is often far more important than a 15-page business plan or questionnaire about your business.


We can participate this year in Pitchswag, which brings together founders, investors, and experts on one platform and give startups the chance to win up to £ 10,000. At first, Pitchswag runs a selection process online. Later, it allows a few startups to pitch as finalists at a great event in London.



We hope that we can make it in the finale and would ask for your help to make it in the next round. Why should you support us?


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  • We are geeky! We are currently developing a major new feature on our platform (something that will literarily connect you within seconds to one of our Helpsters) and we would demo it at the pitch event in London for the first time.


  • We are a very lean startup! With as little as £9,000 we built a raving platform, two websites and a running back-office infrastructure (and much more). Imagine, we would win; how we could leverage on that, and how much we could achieve by doubling our budget.


  • We are a fun team! Excited to be announced as the finalist, we would share this raving experience with you and film the Pitchswag event, back-stage with Cola and Rum, and on stage with suit and tie.


We need your support!

Recently, we won one of the Business Plan Competitions and got a chance to expand MyHelpster vision. It helped us a lot all that we learned in the Accelerator Academy as well as the experience we got after being backed up by UK Trade. You might get an idea how to direct your business development.


Written by Felix Strasser

Cofounder & CMO at MyHelpster. Passionate about digital marketing and new technology.