How to solve AdWords Editor Error for Shared Budgets

adwords Editor Error

Are you trying to change your budget in the Google AdWords Editor, but you are having a hard time figuring out how you can change it? This 4 step guide shows you how you can edit your budget in Google AdWords.

Problems with the Google AdWords Editor?

The Google Adwords Editor is a great tool because it allows bulk editing and it makes it so much easier to actually manage your Google Adwords campaigns, in stark comparison to the Adwords websites. It is great that Google offers this tool even for free and I would certainly recommend it anyone who wants to do AdWords properly.


But sometimes you can run into problems, particular when you are trying to change things, you used to know how to change on the Google Adwords website.

Do you get an Google Adwords error like this?



Shared library conflicts in AdWords Editor


Do you face an Google AdWords Editor error message like this?


You would like to edit your campaign budget in the AdWords Editor, but for some unclear reason, you are not able to do it. So what can you do?


Chances are that you have activated a shared budget for your campaigns and now you would like to edit the shared budget in the Google AdWords Editor. Unfortunately, if your campaign has a shared budget, it is not possible to edit your budget in AdWords Editor. Thus you will have no luck and you will need to the AdWords website.


How to change the budget of a campaign on Google AdWords Web


When you have multiple campaigns, you maybe want to work with a shared budget, because Google will automatically allocate your money to the best performing campaigns. You also don’t need to adjust all the time the individual budget of campaigns.


If you want to create a shared budget click on “shared library”, “budget” and create click on the red button.

pic 0

After you have created the shared budget, add the campaigns to the budget.

pic 1

Once you did this, download the changes to your AdWords Editor by  clicking on “Get recent changes” and select “More data (slower)”.


Properly you will get a message where you can review the changes and confirm. If everything is green, you can relax and your problem is solves. As said, you can only change the budget on the website when you back to the shared library.

upload 2

Do you still have an error in the Google AdWords Editor?


If you still have a problem with the Google AdWords Editor you need to do one more step. If you don’t get this green message like in the picture above, it appears you still have a sync problem. But don’t worry you can fix it easily.


Just to back to the Google AdWords website and change manually the budget of each website. Click on the budget of each campaign and click on ‘switch on another budget’.


Google Adwords Editor Error

Next pick “individual budget” and pick any daily budget. But it is important that the budget is more than 0, because every campaign needs at least a budget of 1.

Google Adwords Editor Error

Do that for all the campaigns that have the error message in the Google AdWords Editor.


Once you did this download the changes again into the AdWords Editor, by clicking on “Get recent changes” and select “More data (slower)”.


Now all your campaigns are managed again over an individual budget and you could change the budget for each campaign. Do not do this, but instead set up the shared budget again and add all the campaign on the Google AdWords website. Once you did this download again all the changes, exactly like you did before. Hopefully all AdWords Editor sync issues are solved now.


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Written by Susanne Webster