Ten Tips for using Twitter to Promote Your Small Business

Ten Tips for using Twitter to Promote Your Small Business

You’re a small-business owner. You don’t have a lot of time on your hands, and multiple demands clamor for what little time you do have. Given that there are already not enough hours in the day, should you even try to use Twitter to promote your business?


Should you use Twitter as a small business owner?


More than one social media expert resoundingly says, “Yes!”

Ten Tips for using Twitter to Promote Your Small Business


If you’re really pressed for time you can call on MyHelpster for assistance. They have a Twitter management service that will provide content, schedule tweets, and build your following for you.


But if you’re prepared to do the work yourself, read through the tips below and spend some time to set yourself up on Twitter. Then take a few minutes several times a week to build your following, stay in touch, and post a good mix of content. Doing so will help you expand your audience and generate more leads. You’ll be in front of more customers more often, and when someone is ready to buy, they’ll think of you.


Scan through the tips below, all of them based on suggestions from the experts. Do them consistently and you’ll reap rich rewards.


Use Your Twitter Account to Stand Out from the Competition


If you think that Twitter is only for online businesses, think again. Even a brick-and-mortar business can use Twitter to its advantage.

Let’s say you’re a florist, and you want to generate more local traffic.


You get the bright idea to send colorful bouquets to the lifestyles editor of your local newspaper, a popular talking head at a local television station, and a sports announcer with a large local following, along with requests that they tweet about your products to their followers.


Their enthusiastic tweets bring new customers to your door. You take it a step further and offer discounts to customers who order via Twitter. Can you see other ways in which Twitter could really boost your business?


Be Persistent and Consistent, but Keep it Light and Friendly


The most successful Twitter users tweet one to five times daily, and each of their tweets contains one or two hashtags and a single link.

By far the most important factor in good tweeting is conversation. Maintain a conversational tone in all of your tweets. Pretend you’re at a party and relating to people face-to-face. How would you want someone to relate to you in such a situation? You certainly wouldn’t want to be endlessly pitched or bored to tears.

You’d walk away if that happened, and so will your followers. Instead, try to be interesting and engaging.

Humor and banter will make your tweets stand out, and your name and your brand will become more memorable as a result.

Respond to your customers’ concerns and compliments directly via Twitter and offer new suggestions when they’re relevant.

Always, always, always respond when someone directs a tweet your way, even if the comment is a negative one. If your responses are honest, even if they’re not directly related to your business, you’ll gain you some good will when you do, and a little good will can go a long way.

Be on the lookout for good content and use it well. And if sometimes you’re running a little thin, trivia and giveaways nearly always garner good interest.


Shamelessly Promote Your Product, Especially If It’s Unique


I know I’m contradicting myself here, but don’t be afraid to be yourself and share your company’s personality in your tweets, promoting your products and services in a low-key way.

If your business is a gourmet food truck, for instance, use a daily tweet not only to let your followers know of your location and post your daily menu, but also post pictures of menu items.

Tweets with photos are much more likely to get noticed.


Put Yourself Where People Who Need Your Services Can Find You

Your consistent tweeting will put you in front of people on a regular basis, so that when they need your products or services, they’ll think of you. And if you’re keeping your tweets social and friendly, you’ll have developed a human touch that people can easily relate to.

Here’s an idea: Think about how you could use Twitter’s search function and third-party services to find comments that are related to the products and services you offer.

Reply to those comments, offering tips and useful suggestions. And if you can also give a unique twist to something you offer that sets your business apart from the others, you’ll stay a step ahead of the competition.


Include Videos


Do you have, or can you create, a short video about your product or service? Get some Twitter action by posting it in a tweet. Better yet, post videos a couple of times a week.

Don’t let your videos get too stale, though. Make new videos from time to time as your business grows and changes.

That way, you’ll keep your followers up to date with what you’re business is up to, and they’ll be more likely to actually watch your videos and call you when they need you.


Limit Your Use of Hashtags

While using a couple of hashtags per tweet is a good idea and can pull new followers in, too many hashtags can be a real turnoff. Don’t do it.


Use A Simple Formula to Make Tweeting Simple for You and Useful for Your Followers

Marketing expert Allister Frost recommends starting with a call to action, then inserting a relevant link and ending with a message.

Starting with a call to action gets people engaged, and you put the link in the middle so that it doesn’t get cut off when people retweet or copy your tweet.

Here’s an example of how that might work: “Need more action? http://bit.ly/1EkLwf5.

Use MyHelpster to manage your Twitter.”


Offer Special Deals, but Not All the Time


Have an idea for a really good low-price offer, or even something free that you can give your loyal customers? Offer it via Twitter and pull ‘em in. Keep in mind that if they willingly opt in on one of your offers, you can legally target them for other promotions as well. But also keep in mind that you want to keep your tweets light and friendly. If you’re always pitching, your followers will fall away.


Mention Others’ Brands If You Really, Really Like Them.

When you mention a brand or product that you have truly enjoyed, also include a link to them. Especially if it’s a small brand, they will be likely to reply to your tweet and they could even end up retweeting it, which could lead good exposure—and possibly some new followers—for you.


Add to the Conversation

Add to the conversation. If someone tweets something interesting, give them a little love. If they ask a question and you can answer it, do so.

Remember that if you want your tweets to get read and retweeted, they need to be useful and interesting. Above all, your posts on all of your social media need to be, well, social.


Your followers can help you explore the best tactic for business promotion. Check out our tips for attracting quality followers or useful twitter marketing facts. And get you free Twitter report as soon as possible.

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If you are not Twitter user, not a problem, we have prepared Facebook advices for you.

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Written by Susanne Webster

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