What MS Office Package To Buy

There are three Microsoft Office packages available: Home, Home & Business, and Professional. Most people choose the MS Office Home & Business package. However, which software really suits you depends on your personal requirements.

In general, all packages include the office suite of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Therefore, using MS Office is enough for most home users as it covers the crucial areas of text creation, spreadsheet work, and presentations.

However, for most business users, MS Outlook is an additional must-have. Outlook helps you save all your essential contact data and serves as the main means for email communication. For most freelancers and home workers, Outlook takes the role of a mini customer relationship management system. Anyway, if you are writing a lot of emails, there is no way around Outlook. Hence, if you don’t have an email management system but use emails a lot at home and you plan to buy MS Office anyway, the MS Office Home & Business package is the least you should buy. However, a brief remark about the site: You can also buy Outlook separately if you are using other office suites, such as Google Docs or Open Office.

If you are planning to create your own desktop applications or to have more complex data management tools, you should choose MS Office Professional.

In general, it can be said that all MS Office versions can be bought with a single license or with multiple ones. Which number of licenses is right for you clearly depends on your personal requirements—that is, the number of devices you and possibly your family are using. The Home & Business and Professional packages include licenses for two PCs. If you have children who are studying, it’s also worth asking for a student license, which covers up to three laptops.

What MS Office package to buy?

The entry Home package is, in terms of pricing, clearly the most reasonable. However, the scope of its services is fairly limited, and its use is officially restricted to private purposes.

Hence, if there is more to do than simple letter writing, you need at least the Home & Business license, by far the bestselling suite and, for most professional users, the best choice.

If you are an IT professional who does everything by himself, then Professional is the right choice, even though for most freelancers and home workers, this version is already too comprehensive.

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Written by Susanne Webster