Why You Need Your Own Website As Self-Employed

Having your own website is essential these days. No matter if large corporation, small business or freelancer everybody needs some form of web presence. Yet, the presence in online directories like Yell or Yelp is usually not enough. Especially small businesses and self-employed people lack in too many cases the ability to shine out from the mass of competitors and try to rely on their word-of-mouth network. This seems reasonable when considering that it is hard for a small website to come up in the depth of the web and that offline funnels often convert in many cases much better.
Therefore, it might be questionable why a plumber, a lawyer or maybe a doctor needs his own website. As long as one is present in some form of directories, which provide the most essential information like for instance the opening hours and address.
However this is a deception.

The purpose of your own website is not limited to the function to sell goods online. It serves many more purposes, not at least essential for any professional. In total we gathered four reasons to convince you that your business needs its own web presence:


1.Your own website serves as your digital business card

It provides all your contact information plus much more additional information which you can customise to your needs.

2. Your own web presence lets you shine out

Having your own website can still be an important point of difference. This clearly depends on the industry you are in. Every creative and tech business has its own, and mostly very professional website these days. However, in case you might work in one of the traditional industries, like for instance craftsmanship, an own website can be a valuable point of difference.


3. Your own website gives you more sales arguments you can mention in a personal talk

A personal sales talk is always limited in time and it is hard to mention all arguments in your favor. However, in case you did a great job your potential customer will definitely remember and shortlist you. A website address which is put on your business card gives him the necessary additional arguments you forgot to mention in your pitch. It gives you the chance to highlight important additional information in a structured and clear way and highlights already mentioned arguments.


4. An own website is not expensive anymore

MyHelpster’s first website was developed for $150. We used a simple WordPress template and received help from a freelancer from oDesk. The result was very good. The website had a professional look and it was very easy to maintain and update its content without any IT knowledge. Something anyone can do and it is an investment probably worth doing, considering how much you probably spend over the years to invite your potential customers for lunch, to print business cards, etc.


To conclude, the required budget for your own website is very limited. The time to maintain it depends on your personal will, but in general are the advantages an own website brings very strong. Therefore, rethink if it might not be worth trying to bring your own website to life. In case you decide for that, feel free to give our Helpsters a shot. We are happy to advice on simple tricks and essentials when creating a website.


Written by Bjoern Wind

Bjoern Wind is Co-founder and CEO of MyHelpster. He has a MSc Management from the Nova Business School and worked three years in the energy industry.